Episode 10: The Monster of Florence

One of the Monster's murder scenes.

One of the Monster's murder scenes.

In the 1980s, a serial murdered terrorized the Florentine countryside, killing lovers in their parked cars and mutilating the females. Multiple men were charged and released, but the Monster was never caught. Who was the Monster of Florence...and is he still out there?


The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi

Serial Killers: Monster of Florence (2009)


Corelli - Conerto Grosso, Op6 no4 by Advent Chamber Orchestra

Circles in the Sky by Cinematic Waves

Dark Tension Rising Music by Mattia Cupelli

Bughici - Suite for Violin, 7 Lyric Song, lento by Advent Chamber Orchestra

Dark Choir Music by Mattia Cupelli

Seeking The Truth by Ryoko

Gregorian Chant by Royalty Free Zone

Couperin - Pieces en Concert - Prelude, La Tromba, Air de Diable by Advent Chamber Orchestra

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